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Convention of States
Posted By: /users/4191 in USA

I just joined this movement and hope and pray that we as a country can do something about our Federal Government which is out of control in spending and in taking away our rights as citizens of this great country.  I believe our Founding Fathers were inspired and the founding of this great nation was also inspired and guided by the Almighty to allow man to be free to... Read More »


Voting 2012: A Personal Essay
Posted By: Michael Farris in USA

Voting 2012: A Personal Essay

Michael Farris

This has been the most unusual election season of my life. The chief reason for the difference is my very active participation in Facebook—which has thrust me into a wide-ranging discussion (and sometimes heated debates) in a format that is very egalitarian in nature. I can only hope that I have contributed to others... Read More »